According to Together We Rise, every day, 1,200 kids enter foster care in the United States, a life that is often filled with stigma and uncertainty. To combat this, TWR brings together volunteers to help kids in foster care, and to encourage families to adopt. What’s most surprising, however, is how young all the volunteers are: “In 2008, TWR was founded by college students after one of their classmates discovered that their 9 year-old cousin was living in a car,” explains TWR. “They wanted to do something but they came across some obstacles because they were all under the age of 21. Government agencies denied their help due to Federal regulations. There were no organizations like TWR that welcomed young people to join their efforts.” Two years ago, TWR started to post pictures of newly adopted kids to Facebook and Instagram. The response was tremendous. See some of their happy photos below, or if you have a happy photo with your adoptive family, feel free to share it with us.