We’re jumping out of our skins to show you the newest kid on the block from Mountain Buggy! This is your first look at the Unirider – which has just hit the market today, and it’s a dead-set ripper. Super fun and great for developing balancing skills, this is the hottest new thing to tote toddlers. Come and take a look. Mountain Buggy has found a way to cleverly combine something that’s usually reserved for circus clowns, and a toddler’s balance bike, to create the fun and fabulous Unirider. The Unirider is a genius collaboration with UK dad Simon Langham (pictured above with his Unirider prototype), who wanted to eliminate the toddler tantrum stage – which happens somewhere between not wanting to be confined to a pram, but not having enough energy to walk very far.


Simon explains, “Freddie reached the age of three, and he wasn’t at all keen on sitting in the pushchair for any length of time. Everyone ended up frustrated so it got me thinking. There had to be a clever solution to this problem. I had the idea that riding a single wheel could be fun, simple and speedy. So I spent a Saturday morning designing, drawing and inventing in our garage. After playing with materials that I had at hand (plywood, a clothes rail, a broom handle and a wheel ‘borrowed’ from Freddie’s bike), I had a basic but functional prototype to test, and … the prototype worked!

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The gyroscopic effect of the wheel spinning counter-balanced the weight of the child and stabilises the Unirider.” The air-filled tyre means it’s a great little off-road option, and it’s really light, so you can throw it in the back of the car with ease. And if you’re heading off for a jog, pop your toddler on the Unirider – it’s easy to push with just one hand (like all of Mountain Buggy’s products!).


It also has two different foot positions, so it can grow with your child. And just like any bike, it’s advised your toddler does wear a helmet when using the Unirider. It’s taken Simon and the Mountain Buggy team more than a year to develop the Unirider, based on that first prototype. What they’ve created is a different way for little ones to experience riding, one that helps them hone their balancing skills, and gain confidence. It’s a handy little device for getting kids around quickly and easily – and without an argument … who wouldn’t want to ride it?

By Anita Butterworth from babyology.com.au – For more information, just visit the link below.