When I got pregnant with my first kiddo I knew all the obvious things to stay away from. We’re all aware we can’t drink, smoke, do illegal drugs or change the cat box and that’s totally cool. But as the months went on I started to learn more and more things I wasn’t “allowed” to do and the list got pretty long. It seemed like every week there was something new I wanted to do and was instantly hit with, “you can’t do that while you’re pregnant” from a friend or the internet. I remember telling my mom I should write a book solely about the things you can’t do while you’re baking a baby – the list was that long. The funny thing is, like with most things you are told you can’t do, you don’t really want to do it, you just don’t like being told no. I got pregnant and suddenly wanted to ride bumper cars and eat sushi. Well, I never wrote that book, but here is what would have graced a few of the pages.


  1. Ice Skate – I’ve been trying to get my husband to go ice skating for years now, and while he still refuses to go, the two winter seasons I was pregnant I thought for sure I could convince him. But falling onto hard ice isn’t something you do when you’re pregnant… and yes, you will fall, don’t kid yourself.
  1. Ride A Roller Coaster – This is one of my all time favorite things. I was so bummed when I was pregnant for two summers and couldn’t hit up the local theme park.
  1. Soak In A Hot Tub – Would it not feel so amazing to soak your aching back and legs in bubbly 100 degree water? Too bad, not allowed. Neither are heating pads and electric blankets, I hear.
  1. Go Skiing – “Ohmygosh it would be SO fun to go skiing!” That is yet another sentence that is met with a head shake and a finger wag.
  1. Eat at Subway – Some people get so crazy over the deli meat thing. Did you eat deli sandwiches when you were pregnant? I didn’t but I know several people who did. The crappy thing is that during my first-trimester when everything else made me nauseous, I was certain that a salami sandwich was exactly what my stomach needed.
  1. Use Heated Seats – Being pregnant in the winter months made me want nothing more than to heat my buns up when I got in the car and sat down on freezing cold leather. I don’t see a whole lot of information about this out there but I wasn’t willing to risk it.
  1. Ride Bumper Cars – I can’t recall when this came up during my pregnancy but yes, at some point I sincerely wanted to go crash around in some bumper cars.
  1. Try Sushi – I hate fish and think Sushi sounds disgusting – but you bet when I was pregnant I thought about how desperately I wanted to try a piece of raw fish wrapped in seaweed.
  1. Drink A Red Bull – I know how awful it is for you, but Red Bull is my weakness. I don’t allow myself to have it often, but a whole nine months was much longer than I wanted to go without it. Plus, I also didn’t allow myself to drink it during the many months of breastfeeding.
  1. Go Blonde – Many people will disagree and say that dying your hair is just fine during pregnancy. Since I’m not a doctor I have no clue, but I do know that there are horror stories of women’s hair turning green and that was not cool with me. Also, it’s years later and I’ve still not dyed my hair blonde (and probably never will). In the end, every minute of it is worth it to get that sweet little baby, right ladies? What did you miss the most during pregnancy?

    Source: Loveandmarriageblog.com