Like most families, we both worked 8 hours a day, and our daughter was at school until 4 PM. When it came to dinnertime, a moment when we can finally be together, we sadly figured out that we were simply too tired to enjoy each others company and we just ended up talking about the mortgage, bills, or how we were going to face the next … “survival” day! Unfortunately, this is a very common patt­ern these days for most Italian families, and we had been following it for too long – every single day of our life.


We started to realize that by way of our own lifestyle choices, we were participating and contributing to a pattern of life, which was drowning our quality of life – not to mention, passing this model of living onto our children. Then one day we said to ourselves, “… what if? What would happen if we could ‘unlearn’ our way of living?” Wouldn’t it be nice to finally start sharing time with each other, and embrace the approaches of other people who have a different concept of managing a family & relationships? And after such an adventure, how would we consider our previous life style? Would we really want it back to it again?