Scott and Brittany Meyers began their journey five years ago. They set sail in Chicago, and journeyed the east coast of the United States to Trinidad. In 2012, their crew began to grow as they welcomed aboard their newest member: a daughter named Isla. Parenting on a boat requires a little creativity, like an inflatable bathtub on deck. Although many may think that welcoming a newborn signifies the need to retire dreams of travel, Scott and Brittany strongly disagreed. They invested in a bigger boat and continued on their journey, starting in Florida and sailing to Grenada. Shortly after arriving in Grenada, the couple discovered that they were expecting twin girls, another challenging yet exciting adventure for them to take on. The idea of living on a boat with three young kids may seem absolutely crazy, but the family was determined to continue their lifestyle alongside their newest members, Haven and Mira. Traveling with young children can make life hectic, but for the most part the family’s journey has been smooth sailing. From splashing around with baby sharks to spotting flamingos in their natural habitat, these girls have worthwhile stories to tell. With over 10,000 miles and 13 countries between them, these three toddlers have seen more of the world than your average adult.

By Kassandra Dzikewicz from