Dear Moms and Dads, here’s what you should know to raise better, smarter, happier, healthier kiddos — we’ve got a boatload of good advice for you:

– Teach your kids to draw — early and often. Turns out that a study conducted on tots at King’s College London found that little ones who can sketch and scribble well are likelier to be smarter later. Drawing talent was a top predictor of high IQ later on in life.

– Pay ’em to eat their veggies. Researchers at Brigham Young University found that a little bit of cash could go a long way in getting children to choose healthy foods over the greasier stuff. And since they don’t yet know the value of a dollar, all you may need is a nickel or two. Bribe away.

– Moms: Give yourselves a night out already! Writer Samantha Schoech tells us that parents need to calm down and give themselves a break — especially stay-at-home moms. Don’t go so crazy that you know the bartender’s schedule … but listen to Sam and take some good advice on how to chill the you-know-what out.

– And on the other side of the coin, if you’re a father, do it with full force. Eugene S. Robinson — MMA fighter, sex columnist and … dad — writes about how he went from being convinced that he wanted a vasectomy in his 20s to becoming a supremely loving father.

– Lastly, we know you want your kiddos to do well in school. Which means you may want to send them to the elite world of the Ivy League, eventually. Pro tip: Despite all you’ve ever heard about the debate team or community service, the real hot ticket into Harvard is this: Be. A. Jock.